A commitment to providing the best services for you and your horse

IHS seamlessly connects you to the worlds best horse professionals.

A passion for happy, healthy horses

We believe that a happy, healthy horse will do their best to achieve your goals

Buying Agent

We have working relationships around the world with renown trainers and breeders in all disciplines – to help you find your perfect horse


Using a team of skillful, qualified equine dentists – we will keep your horses’ teeth maintained to the highest standard

Saddle Fitting

Ensuring your saddle is fitting correctly, keeping your horse comfortable during training and competition.

Body Work

Our team bodyworker has decades of experience around the world working on elite sport horses and gets true results


Custom feed designed for horses health. Fibre and Protein for gut health and muscle development.

Additional supplements available to match your feed profile.


Our very experienced young-horse educators can introduce your horse to riding in a safe manner. We can cater for your small boutique stable or a large horse farm.


Overseeing a stable has many facets. We can help with overall management strategies, horse health and wellbeing, and staff training.

About Us

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele. We have worked with small boutique stables to large commercial horse farms around the world

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